Provisional Beer List

The list below contains the beers we hope to serve you at SRAF.  Please be aware that this list is subject to alteration.

BrewerBeerABV (%)Style
AlechemyShuking Hell4.7Stout
AlechemyAmerican Brown4.2Best Bitter
ArranRed Squirrel3.9Bitter
Ayr Brewing CompanyLeezie Lundie3.8Golden Ale
Ayr Brewing CompanyJolly Beggars4.2Best Bitter
Ayr Brewing CompanyRabbie’s Porter4.3Porter
Ayr Brewing CompanyOtto & Griselda Pale Ale4.6Best Bitter
Barney’s Beer LtdBarney’s Extra Pale4Golden Ale
Barney’s Beer LtdVolcano IPA5Strong Bitter
Beath BrewingDarkness from above4.5Stout
Beath BrewingWeAreHappyHere4.5Golden Ale
BelhavenGolden Bay3.8Golden Ale
BellfieldLawless Village IPA4.5Speciality
Black IsleGoldfinch3.5Speciality
Black IsleYellowhammer3.9Golden Ale
Black IsleHibernator7Strong Old Ale
Black MetalWill-o’-the-Wisp6.6Speciality
Black MetalYggdrasil6.6Golden Ale
Black MetalBattering Ram7.1Golden Ale
Born in the Borders BreweryGame Bird4Bitter
Born in the Borders BreweryElderflower4.2Speciality
BroughtonSummer ale3.5Golden Ale
BroughtonHopopotamus3.8Golden Ale
BroughtonHamealedaeme4Golden Ale
BroughtonHoney Ale 4Speciality
BroughtonElder Power4.7Speciality
BroughtonDark Dunter4.8Strong Bitter
BroughtonProper IPA5Golden Ale
BroughtonOld Jock Amarone 6.7Strong Old Ale
ButeScalpsie Blonde3.8Golden Ale
ButeRed4.2Best Bitter
CairngormBlack Gold4.4Stout
CairngormWildcat5.1Strong Bitter
Campbells BreweryFlintlock Golden Ale3.7Golden Ale
Campbells BreweryDestrier, Scottish Porter4.6Porter
Campervan BreweryHoppy Botanist3.8Speciality
Campervan BrewerySummer Stout3.6Stout
Craft OriginaleBeggars Mantle4Mild
Craft OriginaleFringe of Gold4.7Golden Ale
CromartyAtlantic Drift3.5Bitter
CromartyHappy Chappy4.1Golden Ale
CromartyRed Rocker5Speciality
CromartyRogue Wave5.7Strong Bitter
Cross BordersBill’s Beer4.2Golden Ale
Cross BordersBRAW5.2Golden Ale
DevonIPA4.2Golden Ale
DevonThick Black4.2Stout
DrygateOrinoco 6Stout
DrygateSeven Peaks5Strong Bitter
Edenmill Brewery St Andrews19th3.9Bitter
Edenmill Brewery St AndrewsShipwreck IPA6Strong Bitter
Fallen BreweryLocal Motive3.9Golden Ale
Fallen BrewerySleeper 5.3Speciality
Farmageddon Brewing Co-opMosaic IPA6.3Golden Ale
Farmageddon Brewing Co-opGolden Pale4.2Golden Ale
Farmageddon Brewing Co-opSummertime IPA5.2Speciality
Ferry BreweryFerry Grapefruit3.8Speciality
Ferry BreweryFerry Fair4Golden Ale
Ferry BreweryFNIPA5.5Golden Ale
Ferry BreweryFerry Witches Brew4.5Best Bitter
Ferry BreweryFerry Stout4.9Stout
FintryCantywheery4Golden Ale
FintryDunmore IPA4.2Golden Ale
Five KingdomsBitter X Blonde4Golden Ale
Five KingdomsAuf Wiedersehen Blonde5.3Golden Ale
Five KingdomsDark Storm Stout6.9Stout
Freewheelin’ BreweryBlonde3.8Golden Ale
Freewheelin’ BreweryIPA4Golden Ale
Freewheelin’ BreweryRuby4.4Strong Mild
Fyne AlesJarl3.8Golden Ale
Fyne AlesEveryone Loves Nelson3.8Golden Ale
Fyne AlesHighlander4.8Strong Bitter
HarviestounSummer legend3.54Golden Ale
HarviestounSorachi Pils4.4Golden Ale
HybridHindsight4.4Best Bitter
HybridCitra Storm4.5Golden Ale
Inner Bay BreweryAmber4.2Best Bitter
Inner Bay BreweryJasper3.8Stout
InveralmondThai PA5.2Speciality
InveralmondOssian4.1Golden Ale
InveralmondLia Fail4.7Strong Bitter
InveralmondDaracha5.2Old Ale
Isle of SkyeSkye Gold4.3Golden Ale
Isle of SkyeSkye Red4.2Best Bitter
John O’GroatsSwelkie4Golden Ale
John O’GroatsDeep Groat4.8Strong Bitter
KeithSmoke Keith4Speciality
KeithPale Keith5Golden Ale
KeithStout Keith5Stout
KelburnMisty Law4Bitter
KelburnRed Smiddy4.1Bitter
KelburnJaguar4.5Golden Ale
Kingdom BreweryPeely Wally4.8Golden Ale
Kingdom BreweryThe Coal Road5.1Porter
KinneilKincardine Sunset4.1Golden Ale
KinneilOrange Blossom Special4.5Speciality
KnopsEast Coast Pale3.8Bitter
KnopsRevolver II3.9Golden Ale
KnopsMusselburgh Broke4.5Best Bitter
KnopsCalifornia Common4.6Best Bitter
KnopsMusselburgh Smoke4.5Speciality
KnopsIndia Pale Ale5Golden Ale
KnopsBlack Cork6.5Stout
LacadaDevil’s Washtub5.2Strong Bitter
LacadaEast the Beast 6Golden Ale
LacadaShore Dulse Stout7Speciality
Late Night HypeClydebank Pale4.6Golden Ale
Late Night HypeStrathclyde Sessions IPA4.5Golden Ale
Law Brewing CompanyMod IPA5.5Golden Ale
Law Brewing CompanyRude Boy Juice5.2Speciality
Lawman Brewing CompanyMr Beast5Speciality
Lawman Brewing CompanyOnyx4.8Stout
LerwickSkippers Ticket4Bitter
LerwickLerwick IPA5Golden Ale
LerwickSt Ninians4Speciality
LerwickBlindside6Strong Bitter
Loch Leven BreweryOutlaw King5Golden Ale
Loch Leven BreweryWarrior Queen3.8Golden Ale
Loch Lomond BreweryBonnie and Blonde4Bitter
Loch Lomond BrewerySouthern Summit4Bitter
Loch Lomond BrewerySilkie Stout5Stout
MòR BrewingMòR Ish!4.2Best Bitter
MòR BrewingMòR Please!4.5Golden Ale
Natural Selection Divergence 4.5Speciality
OrkneyRed MacGregor4Bitter
OrkneyDark Island4.6Strong Mild
PortpatrickBeltie Blonde4Golden Ale
PortpatrickDorn Rock4.3Best Bitter
PortpatrickGulf Stream4.4Golden Ale
Spey Valley BrewerySunshine on Keith3.5Golden Ale
Spey Valley BreweryDavid’s Not So Bitter4.4Best Bitter
Spey Valley BreweryStillman’s IPA4.6Best Bitter
Spey Valley BrewerySailor Terry6.1Speciality
St Andrews Brewing CompanyWee Blonde3.7Golden Ale
St Andrews Brewing CompanyCrail Ale4.5Best Bitter
St Andrews Brewing CompanyBramble Saison6.3Speciality
St Andrews Brewing CompanyNotorious BIPA6Strong Bitter
StewartJack Back3.7Golden Ale
StewartCarrot Cake Golden Ale5Speciality
Stewart80/-4.4Strong Mild
StewartCross Fire4.3Golden Ale
StewartRadical Rd Reverse4.6Golden Ale
StewartRaspberry Wheat Beer4.5Speciality
StrathavenCraigmill Mild3.5Mild
StrathavenUsquebae Ale7Speciality
SulwathTri-ball Tribute3.9Golden Ale
SulwathBlack Galloway4.4Porter
SwannaySneaky Wee Orkney Stout4.2Stout
SwannayOrkney IPA4.8Strong Bitter
SwannayOrkney Blast6Barley Wine
SwannayScapa Special4.2Best Bitter
TempestArmadillo3.8Golden Ale
TempestVermont Session IPA4.6Golden Ale
The Hanging Tree BreweryAfter Dark4.5Stout
The Hanging Tree BreweryHangmans IPA5Strong Bitter
Top OutDrei Hopped Rye Pale Ale2.8Speciality
Top OutCopperheid3.6Speciality
Top OutStaple Pale Ale 4Bitter
Top OutAltbier4.5Speciality
Top OutThe Cone IPA 6.8Golden Ale
Traquair HouseBear Ale5Strong Bitter
Traquair House160/- Vintage Ale9.5Strong Old Ale
TrystEast Kent Goldings (EKG)3.9Bitter
TrystDrovers 80/- 4.2Best Bitter
TrystDouble Chocolate Porter 4.4Porter
TrystChocolate & Coconut Porter 4.4Porter
Two Thirsty MenAngus Pale Ale4Golden Ale
Two Thirsty MenNo744.5Best Bitter
Williams Bros Brewing Co.Fraoch Heather Ale4.1Speciality
Williams Bros Brewing Co.Williams Black4.2Strong Mild
WindsweptWolf6Old Ale

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